Molex range of hand tools and semi-automatic production equipment ensure high quality electrical connection – available now at TTI Inc

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A wide range of production equipment from Molex is now available at TTI, Inc., the world’s leading specialist distributor of passive,

connector, electromechanical and discrete components. To ensure high quality electrical connection, the proper tooling from the relevant manufacturer is essential during interconnect production for three reasons: to maintain the manufacturer’s product warranty; to ensure high-quality electrical connection and to meet stringent industry standards.
Molex hand tools are designed for use during prototyping and small volume production (less than one hundred terminations per day), as well as field repair tasks. This range of top quality tools includes hand-crimp, hydraulic, battery and air tools for cutting, stripping and crimping operations. The hand crimp tool features precision terminal locators to hold terminals in the correct crimping position and full cycle ratcheting to ensure terminals are fully crimped. The Molex hand crimp tool is easy to use with ergonomic soft grip handles and minimal handle spread to reduce operator fatigue during repeated operations.
Molex’s semi-automatic range of bench top crimp presses suit mid- to high- range production volumes. The applicators adapt to most automatic wire processing machines and are designed to industry-standard mounting and shut height (135.80mm). Crimp height, track and feed adjustments can be preset in the applicator to reduce set up times and there are independent adjustment rings that allow operators to adjust conductor or insulation crimp height independently of each other.
Molex also manufactures crimp press adapters, crimp press modules, an insulation displacement machine, crimp force monitors and a bench top pneumatic wire stripper.
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