Modular 4-U 19-inch industrial PCs with industrial mainboard or slot CPU

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The 19-inch Infinity® I4 systems with 4-U height are available from DSM Computer in three different models with Industrial ATX Mainboard, PICMG 1.0 or PICMG 1.3, the latter two as slot CPU. For flexible applications, the high-performance computers can be equipped with

various microprocessor types and chipsets of the latest generations. The robust IPCs have a housing depth of 408 mm or 508 mm, respectively.
Thanks to the industrial-strength of the central system module, the 19-inch I4 system with ATX Mainboard offers high reliability and robustness, and so is also suitable for applications that run in harsh environments, e.g. in automation. A total of seven slots are available for accepting expansion cards: three PCI Express™ slots and four PCI slots.
In comparison, the 19-inch slot CPU-based 4-U systems can be configured more flexibly and provide as many as fourteen slots. The I4 with PICMG 1.3 slot CPU includes three PCI Express™ slots and eight PCI slots. The PICMG 1.0 slot CPU-based system has among other four PCI slots and provides space for the installation of as many as eight ISA cards. Other configuration variants can be implemented easily on customer request.
Like all Infinity® computers, the industrial-strength 4-U I4 series models are installed in a functional gray housing with anthracite-colored front. For dusty environments, a metal flap protects the operating elements, the drives and the air filter that can be replaced from the front. The housing can be given a customer-specific company logo. The IPCs are designed for installation in 19-inch cabinets or can be provided as stand-alone unit for deployment in harsh environments.

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