Microchip’s MOST150 Technology with Proven, Automotive-Ready, In-Car Ethernet Physical Layer Implemented in Volvo V90

by donpedro

MC1325---PR-graphic---MOST150-Third-Volvo-Model-hiMicrochip Technology Inc. announced that MOST150 technology has been implemented in the new Volvo V90. Volvo Cars has been utilizing Microchip’s technology for many years and recently began utilizing MOST150, the latest MOST® technology from Microchip. MOST150 is the first standard to provide a proven, automotive-ready physical layer for Ethernet packet transport inside vehicles in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet specifications. This is the third Volvo model where its infotainment system includes MOST150 technology.

MOST150 technology continues to meet Volvo Cars’ high standards. When implemented, the technology reduces vehicle weight and offers high bandwidth communication. In addition, it creates a robust physical layer and proven EMC behavior. This latest version of MOST technology can transport video, audio, packet and control data with zero processor overhead and offers dedicated application-specific hardware interfaces to simplify data communication. In addition, the MOST technology networked infotainment system features ultra-fast system startup behavior to support early audio applications.

The MOST Cooperation standards enable automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers with a proven and well-supported methodology for defining and implementing high-bandwidth infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) systems, including a standard physical layer and a robust method for system management and control with superior reliability and Quality of Service (QoS). Using MOST technology also reduces weight for easier compliance with environmental regulations.

For more information about MOST150 technology, visit http://www.microchip.com/VolvoV90_MOST1504934    

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