Microchip expands PIC24 Lite MCU portfolio with lowest-cost 16-bit PIC® MCU family

by donpedro

Microchip announces a new 16-bit PIC24 Lite microcontroller (MCU) family that combines eXtreme Low Power (XLP) technology, low price and low pin-count packages for the most cost-sensitive consumer, medical, and safety/security applications. The PIC24F “KL” family features typical sleep currents of 30 nA at 25°C, and typical run currents of 150 µA/MHz at 1.8V. In order to optimise low-cost applications, these products include flexible peripherals, such as the Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP), which enables designers to configure either an I2C™ or Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), as well as the Enhanced Capture/ Compare/PWM (ECCP) peripheral that allows designers to customise for multiple PWM and input-capture configurations. The “KL” family of products is available in 14-, 20- and 28-pin packages. Today’s manufacturers are under intense pressure to cut costs, even as they deliver more sophisticated, lower-power products. With a combination of features in low pin-count packages, the PIC24 “KL” MCUs provide an ideal entry-level 16-bit solution for applications with lower I/O and memory requirements, such as low-cost electronic toys, electric shavers and portable blood-pressure monitors. The MCUs perform at up to 16 MIPS with a flexible peripheral set, enabling customers to differentiate their products in the marketplace while keeping costs low.

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