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Panasonic Industry and Symbiotech release new Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit for BLE flagship module PAN1780, allowing IoT applications a groundbreakingly flexible setup of mesh networks

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Panasonic Industry recently announced that it approached the Finnish mesh firmware innovators from Wirepas to integrate their patented advanced mesh connectivity into the PAN1780, a Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy Module that is based on the Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 single-chip controller.

Now, the company has good news again for all designers looking for a high performance ready-to-use low energy module to set up a Wirepas Mesh network in just a few steps.

The launch of the PAN1780 Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit springs from Panasonic’s collaboration with IoT software consulting firm, Symbiotech. The kit consists of four battery-powered sensor nodes and a sink, allowing you to set up a Wirepas Mesh network at any time and at any place.

Panasonic Industry provides a sensor node with a long wireless transmission range. This is achieved by the optimised chip antenna of the PAN1780.

Symbiotech, as Wirepas Mesh experts, developed software that enables an extremely easy set-up of the demonstration, with a user interface that shows sensor data, offers control and gives insight into the network health.

PAN1780’s high quality hardware design paired with Wirepas’ multi-hop wireless mesh technology and combined with Symbiotech’s tailored software design allows an easy and quick entry into the world of mesh applications:

“We are happy now having added another benefit to our PAN1780 module and being able to offer a comprehensive and ultimately simple asset for mesh network based IoT applications”, summarizes Tomislav Tipura from the Panasonic Industry Europe Wireless Connectivity department in Ottobrunn near Munich.

“Standing for highest design flexibility at lowest energy consumption in standalone mode, the PAN1780 is the perfect device for this collaborative solution. It will suit our customers’ requirements most easily – at minimized total costs of ownership for next-gen IoT connectivity,” Tipura continues.

“We are very glad to see our partners Panasonic Industry and Symbiotech come together with this interesting offering. This can really help to accelerate the design cycles for Wirepas end-users”, says Oula Välipakka, Head of Partner Growth at Wirepas.

Learn more on the Panasonic Industry PAN1780 and the ingenious Wirepas Mesh firmware.
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