Maxim Integrated Demonstrated Highly Integrated Analog Solutions at Embedded World 2015

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Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. demonstrated highly integrated analog solutions for embedded applications at the Embedded World

2015 Exhibition and Conference in Nuremberg, Germany (February 24–26, 2015). Organized in three demo areas for Industrial Power, Industrial Interface, and Signal Chain, Maxim’s solutions showed systems engineers how to simplify designs and get to market faster.

Industrial Power

Step-down DC-DC converters eliminate external components and reduce total cost. A “demo in a box” features Maxim’s Himalaya series of highly efficient, 4.5V to 60V, synchronous DC-DC buck regulators from 25mA to 3.5A: MAX17552, MAX15062, and MAX17501 / MAX17502 / MAX17503 / MAX17504 / MAX17505.
Cooler, smaller, and simpler DC-DC step-down power modules reduce design complexity, manufacturing risks, and time to market. The Himalaya series pin-to-pin-compatible power modules, MAXM17503 / MAXM17504 / MAXM17505, integrate inductors, resistors, capacitors, and high-efficiency DC-DC step-down buck regulators. They operate over a 4.5V to 60V range. Customers can start with modules and migrate to ICs for volume production.

Industrial Interface

Symmetric key-based secure authenticator provides the most secure key storage possible. The MAX66242 DeepCover® SHA-256 secure authenticator configures and collects data from any embedded system through its NFC/RFID ISO/IEC 15693 and/or I²C (master/slave) interfaces.
Contactless communication secures sensitive data with the power of SHA-256 authentication. The MAX66300 is the industry’s first HF RFID transceiver with integrated SHA-256 engine for secure challenge-and-response authentication.
Highly configurable IO-Link® transceiver ensures robust communications with IO-Link sensors and actuators. The MAX14826 IO-Link transceiver supports all specified IO-Link data rates, integrates multiple protection solutions, and is ideal for Industry 4.0 applications.

Signal Chain

Programmable analog offers more versatility for industrial control and automation, IoT, base-station RF controllers, and power-supply monitoring applications. The award-winning MAX11300 mixed-signal PIXI™ input/output (I/O) brings programmability to high-integration analog applications. It is the industry’s first configurable, 20-channel, -10V to +10V high-voltage mixed-signal IC.
High 20-bit accuracy ensures confidence in measurement results. The MAX11905 is the fastest 20-bit, 1.6Msps successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It saves up to 91% power and up to 50% space, with the best THD of -123dB at 10kHz.
Low-noise, low-distortion drivers optimize the high speed, high accuracy of SAR ADCs. The MAX44205/MAX44206 low-noise and low-power op amps drive high-speed SAR ADCs. Their wide supply range and wide bandwidth are ideal for low-power, high-performance data acquisition systems (DAS).
High resolution ADC is ideal for instrumentation applications that require ultra-low noise. The MAX11270 is an easy-to-use, 24-bit, 10mW, 64ksps delta-sigma ADC with integrated programmable gain amplifier (PGA); it offers the highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and lowest power in its class.
Get high-resolution, 24-bit accuracy for weighing mass in a wide range of industrial applications. The MAXREFDES75#, a 24-bit weigh scale reference design, features the 24-bit MAX11270 delta-sigma ADC. The MAX11270 is ideal for process control, automatic test equipment (ATE), medical instrumentation, and battery-powered devices.
Ultra-robust, 5KVrms, 4-channel digital isolators transfer digital signals between circuits with different power and ground domains, where noise isolation, ground loop mitigation, and/or safety are of concern. Industry’s only 1.8V supply capable isolators, the MAX14930 /MAX14931/ MAX14932 / MAX14934 / MAX14935 / MAX14936 deliver best-in-class propagation delay of up to 30% better and pulse width distortion of up to 50% better than competitors.

Maxim Integrated

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