Leuze: Sensor solutions for pharmaceutical packaging

by donpedro

The packaging process mainly involves tablets being packed in blisters and various liquids being filled into small glass and plastic bottles. Owing to the strict hygiene standards, stainless steel is often the only material allowed for the components used.
Maximum safety requirements apply during the production and packaging of pharmaceutical products.

To protect against falsification, code readers must guarantee 100% decoding. The DCR 200i bar code scanner reads all codes and ensures the traceability of the production and packaging process for all products. With its hygienic stainless-steel housing, it is ideally suited to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

The hygiene design stainless steel sensors of the 53 series use laser technology to reliably and quickly detect even minute vials. Many challenges involving the detection of self-adhesive labels in the labelling station can also be mastered: For example, the GSU 14D forked sensor can reliably detect virtually invisible clear-on-clear labels.
In quality control, the LRT 8 luminescence sensor also reliably checks the presence of attached paper labels.

1 Precise positioning of vials 2 Detection of vials in screw conveyor 3 Cut mark detection
Hygienic design of laser retroreflective photoelectric sensor and reflectors
Integration also in confined spaces
Highly precise positioning thanks to the small laser light spot
Chemical resistance tested in accordance with ECOLAB
Extended cleaning agent long-term test (CleanProof+)
Precise background suppression through special V-optics
Reliable detection of transparent objects in front of a moving background
Simple mounting with integrated metal threaded sleeve
Robust plastic housing with degrees of protection IP 67 and IP 69K
Multicolor contrast sensors with high precision and reliable switching behaviour
Easy teaching of the marks via various teach modes or potentiometer
Convenient adjustment via dual-channel IO-Link interface
Tracking function for compensating contamination
Degrees of protection IP 67 and IP 69K and ECOLAB certification
4 Determination of trigger position 5 Label detection 6 Code identification
Clearly visible light spot allows easy alignment and fast
Reliable detection of all types of containers
Tracking function for fault-free
continuous operation
Simple sensitivity adjustment via teach button
Plastic or stainless steel housing with degree of protection IP 67 and IP 69K
  Broad product portfolio for
detecting a wide range of label
materials – from paper to
transparent film
Maximum dispenser accuracy
Conveyor speeds > 2 m/s
Simple sensitivity adjustment via teach button or potentiometer
Multiple parameter sets can be
Fast and reliable identification of 1D- and 2D-codes
3 optics models cover reading
distances from approx. 40 – 360 mm
High reading performance and powerful LED illumination enable reliable use even with low print quality and poor contrast in the code
Easy commissioning at the device or using the install wizard in the web browser
Degree of protection IP 67 and IP 69K (stainless steel housing)



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