Leuze: MLC 530 SPG with new function “Partial Gating”

by donpedro

The safety light curtains MLC 530 SPG with Smart Process Gating now includes the feature “Partial Gating” as well.
With this feature the last 4 beams at the top of the MLC remain always active, even during the gating process. Any interruption of these beams will cause the MLC to shut off.
Applications examples are e.g. the monitoring of swing gate as they are used in automotive production lines. The MLC can monitor the closing state of the gates. Safety switches for the gates and related cabeling are not required any more. The function can also be used as an additional protection to prevent persons from riding on top of low transport goods.
The feature “Partial Gating” can be selected via the new Function Mode 6. It includes the features of the already available Function Mode 1 (qualified stop) plus the Partial Gating feature.


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