Latching type DW relay from Panasonic

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Panasonic’s DW relay was specially developed for use in smart meters. To save energy, a latching type relay is required. The DW relay fulfills all demands of this market. Under the motto “eco ideas”, Panasonic hence contributes to the development of efficient, energy-saving smart meters.
Besides the market for smart meters, the DW relay is ideal for numerous other applications.
Its compact design (24×10×18.8mm (L×W×H)) and low coil power dissipation of 200mW for the 1 coil latching type or 400mW for the 2 coil latching type make this relay extremely attractive for the white goods market, e.g. for use in washing machines, dishwashers and driers, especially to reduce stand-by current consumption. Particularly for this market segment, the DW relay is not only available in an LCP housing (for reflow soldering) but also in PBT, which fulfills the VDE standard EN60335 (glow wire test, creepage resistance).
Basically, the DW relay can be used throughout the entire “eco market” when it comes to switching loads of up to 8A/250V AC. The DW relay hence complements Panasonic’s existing portfolio of latching type power relays. Above all for battery-driven applications, the latching DW relay extends the period of use considerably.
Advantageous when designing the DW relay in an application are its 6mm creepage and clearance distance between contact and coil and its impressive breakdown voltage of 6kV between contact and coil. The surge withstand voltage here is a remarkable 12kV.
Samples of the DW relay are available upon request.

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