International Royal eSports Masters in Summer 2022

by donpedro

Rocket League will be providing the 2022 finale to the International Royal eSports Masters in August. Once again, employees of the German machine manufacturer will be providing the commentaries for the event. The competition is also open to outside teams.

“We’re going all out for gaming”, says Holger M. Rößler. The IT trainer will be the pivotal and focal point of contact for the four-week, open eSports tournament being staged by Ziehl-Abegg, the industrial company based in Southern Germany. Online gaming will take place each weekend in August, with participation open to employees and outside teams, marking the start of a new field for the machine manufacturer’s employees as well as external parties. The impact on recruiting was already evident in the HR department shortly afterwards.

The registration phase has already begun. “We have teams from Europe and the USA heading for the start,” says Rößler happily. Pre-registrations have also been received from German university teams. For Ziehl-Abegg, the industrial company in Southern Germany, this is the third series of tournaments. Whereas in August last year it was played over two days, in March 2022 it was over six days, spread across over three weekends. In August this year gaming will take place on Saturday and Sunday of each weekend.

The organisation of and technical preparations for the eSports tournaments will be conducted by the IT department under trainer Holger M. Rößler, assisted by a number of IT trainees. “I’m not the only one who likes online gaming occasionally in their spare time. Some of us from the IT department are actually quite well placed in the international gamer rankings for well-known games such as Rocket League” emphasised the IT trainer.

The player and team administration, as well as the updating of the tournament tree using “Toornament” – a special software package for organising eSports tournaments – and the provision of the technical facilities for a functioning connection to the live streaming service “Twitch”, pose no problems for the IT team. “It was the procurement of the hardware and, in particular, dealing with the requirement for compliance with the legal regulations on data privacy, that proved more complicated”, emphasises Rößler. Once again, the commentaries on all games will be provided by trainers and trainees as well as dual students – every one of them participants in eSports themselves. A different employee ‘calls the shots’ for each tournament in the proverbial sense: Holger M. Rößler for Rocket League, Marvin Glattbach for Rainbow Six and Fabian Gnauck for CS:GO.

Ziehl-Abegg is excited about the international eSports tournament, which now includes participants from the USA. Joachim Ley, Member of the Executive Board, sees the eSports event in a positive light: “Ziehl-Abegg is playing a pioneering role and not only making advances in development and production technology. Tournaments like these raise our profile amongst young people in a positive way”.

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