Inova to Demo APIX High-Speed Video and Data Link at JSAE Automotive Engineering Expositions

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Multi-channel Communications for Automotive Applications.

At the JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition events in Yokohama and Nagoya, Japan, Inova Semiconductors will demonstrate a range of products based on its leading APIX SerDes (serialiser/deserialiser) technology for in-car video and data communications, including a new APIX transmitter device, an Altera HSMC daughtercard and a 3D ADAS demo.

Inova Semiconductors will be attending both events with its Japanese partner, Hitachi High-Technologies (TSE: 8036, Hitachi High-Tech). The Yokohama exposition runs from 25th to 27th May, while the Nagoya event runs from 29th June to 1st July.

Developed by Inova Semiconductors, APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) is a multi-channel technology for in-car applications, providing Gigabit-speed links that can support multiple channels.

At booth 168 (Yokohama) and booth 114 (Nagoya), Inova will show four demonstrations:

  • A new APIX2 transmitter device with HDMI input and a fully integrated display solution. Here, Inova will show an example of connectivity to a remote HD display with the transmitter board and an Indigo2-based flat-panel display. The INAP560T supports HD720p display resolutions and provides an HDMI video input interface, offering an automotive standard HSD/DACAR connector/cable solution.
  • How APIX2 compensates for cable ageing and temperature effects, to ensure optimal signal integrity between the APIX transmitter and receiver. The demo consists of an APIX2 link with a 5m cable connection between source and sink, with the compensation shown directly on cables of different age and quality.
  • An application-specific daughtercard with APIX2 transmit and receive, in the Altera high-speed mezzanine card (HSMC) format. The board will show how APIX connectivity can be achieved as an extension to the Altera FPGA development platform.
  • How APIX can be used to drive a 3D surround view for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Based on the latest SunPlus SPHE6700 audio/video processor, the demo uses four remote camera modules with Omnivison megapixel sensors, and transmits their video data using an INAP378TX APIX transmitter. At the receiving end, the data is captured with an APIX INAP378RX receiver and displayed using the 3D Round-View panoramic viewer software.

Workshop information:

Title: APIX3 – Enabling 4k UHD Video Connectivity in the car

Presenter: Mr. Jochen Schyma of Inova Semiconductors

Event: JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition Yokohama

Venue: 2F Harbor Lounge Room 1

Time: Wednesday, May 25 from 3:40 pm – 4:10 pm.


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