Innovative technology enables greater precision: Sensirion formaldehyde sensors support Mijia Air Purifier 4MAX and Full Effect Air Purifier Ultra

The latest Mijia Air Purifier 4MAX and Full Effect Air Purifier Ultra are equipped with Sensirion's SFA solid-state formaldehyde sensors. Formaldehyde data can be read at any time with accuracy up to 0.001mg/m³. The ability of the devices to remove formaldehyde and purify air can contribute to better indoor air quality and health.

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The SFA30 – Formaldehyde sensor with extremely low cross-sensitivity to ethanol.

The post-COVID era witnesses increasing attention to the environment and air quality. Since indoor air purifiers can monitor air quality in real time and effectively purify the air, they have been favoured by many households. Positioned as a “competent smart air expert”, Mijia Air Purifier 4MAX has a measured CADR value of formaldehyde and particulate matter as high as 600m³/h and 900m³/h respectively. In addition, a touch panel is added for the first time, showing formaldehyde and PM2.5 data simultaneously and allowing users to observe the improvement of air quality.

Ultra, another Mijia full-effect air purifier, applies China’s major technological achievements of the “13th Five-Year Plan” period (2016-2020) to bring healthier and safer breathing by decomposing formaldehyde for the “air purification 3.0 era”. Boasting a 7KG filter with a 7-layer purification system, Ultra ensures a CADR value of formaldehyde and particulate matter up to 400m³/h and 750m³/h respectively. Thus, it can effectively filter out particles and allergens, quickly adsorb harmful gases and odours, and efficiently remove bacteria and viruses.

Mijia Air Purifier 4MAX and Full Effect Air Purifier Ultra are two successful applications of Sensirion’s intelligent sensor solution. The SFA solid-state formaldehyde sensor used within the air purifier, based on solid-state electronic technology, guarantees sensor resolution accuracy to three decimal places, much better than that of gel-based sensors, enabling it to monitor formaldehyde molecules whose diameter is far less than a thousand of that of PM2.5. It should be noted that thanks to the electrochemical cell, the Sensirion formaldehyde sensor stands resilient to the influences of alcohol and other substances.

In addition, to provide accurate humidity and temperature readings, SFA sensors integrate the functions of a temperature and humidity sensor to realize temperature/humidity compensation and calibrated formaldehyde concentration output (ppb). Supported by Sensirion’s expertise in environmental sensing and an electrochemical unit, SFA sensors offer outstanding stability and serve up to six years, allowing them to be easily integrated into air purifiers, demand-controlled ventilation systems, or indoor air quality monitors.

“As an innovative tech company, Sensirion always pursues ground-breaking sensor technology to make the world smarter. We join hands with Xiaomi and Smartmi in a partnership that focuses on market development and provides advanced technology to create products offering better user experience. Going forward, we will continue to work closely to provide customers with products that improve health, safety, reliability, and comfort,” said Wang Kang, Regional Sales Manager of Sensirion (China).

Learn more about Sensirion’s environmental sensors here.


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