Indium Corporation Launches New Indium Oxide

by donpedro

Indium Corporation has released IndiOx™ (In2O3) for use in the manufacture of ITO sputtering targets for thin-film coating. IndiOx™ (In2O3) is a stable ceramic-like material that is insoluble in water and volatizes at 850°C.

When doped with tin oxide, IndiOx™ forms ITO, the material of choice to form transparent conductive oxide (TCO) layers in flat-panel displays and touch sensors for mobile devices. The ITO layer is deposited onto glass from a sputtering target that is manufactured from the ITO powder by sintering.

Other uses for IndiOx™ include glass coloring, gassing suppression in alkaline batteries, and as an anti-arcing additive in high current electrical switches and contactors.

IndiOx™ is available in three powder types:

  • Type A – Crystalline: particle size distribution D10–D90 ranges from 0.8–38μm.
  • Type B – Fine: particle size distribution D10–D90 ranges from 0.5–6μm.
  • Type T – Target Grade: particle size distribution D10–D90 ranges from 0.1–7.5μm. The primary particle size is about 100nm.

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