IAR updates model-based design solution to master complex designs through visualization

The latest update of the state machine design solution IAR Visual State adds better cross-platform support and a range of new features, and empowers large and distributed teams to work together more efficiently.

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IAR, the world leader in software and services for embedded development, today announces the latest version of its model-based design solution, IAR Visual State. Developers use IAR Visual State to build their high-level designs, structure complex applications, add step-by-step functionality in detail through visualization, and automatically generate 100% design-consistent C, C++, C#, or Java code. The latest release of IAR Visual State comes with enhanced cross-platform support, and new visualization features for fast code generation, supporting the low-code development approach.
IAR Visual State is particularly useful for large design projects in embedded applications such as automotive instrument clusters, self-driving vehicle systems, advanced power tools, vending machines, HVAC systems, tracking systems, elevators, PLCs, and control systems. The solution provides formal verification, analysis, and validation features to ensure that applications function as intended.

“IAR Visual State quickly helps companies to generate high-quality code and efficiently manage complicated designs,” says Anders Holmberg, CTO at IAR. “In addition, the recent features added, such as variant handling, C# and Java code generation, support for requirement management (ReqIF format), and a modernized hierarchical coder enable developers to work in large and distributed teams with different skills from embedded to mobile/PC applications, including low-code development.”

The latest update of IAR Visual State adds better cross-platform support for an improved user experience on both Windows and Linux. The state chart editor and navigator have been unified into one application with a new look and feel, and tabbed windows. This allows developers to have the same user experience on both Windows and Linux. In the latest release, IAR Visual State supports Linux Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20.

IAR Visual State is a standalone solution that is toolchain and architecture agnostic. Developers can graphically design state machines, generate source code compliant with the design, and automate documentation generation. When integrated into the IAR Embedded Workbench®, both tools bring unique features, such as real-time state machine debugging directly in the IAR C-SPY® debugger in the Workbench and automatic source code handling in the IDE.
More product information and evaluation licenses are available at http://www.iar.com/visualstate.

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