IAR Systems delivers world’s first development tools for Renesas RL78

by donpedro

IAR Systems announced the availability of the world’s first software development tools that support the latest family of microcontrollers from Renesas Electronics Corporation, IAR Embedded Workbench for RL78. The long-term and close cooperation with Renesas, as well as IAR Systems’ long experience with Renesas architectures including the R8C and the 78K families, has resulted in tools of unrivalled performance. In addition, this collaboration has allowed Renesas’ lead RL78 customers to be already using the new tools from IAR Systems. Adding to the already extensive range of supported Renesas cores, IAR Systems commitment to support all microcontrollers available from Renesas stands firm. Well over 5,000 Renesas devices are now supported in one single environment, facilitating code reuse between projects.
The RL78 family is designed for use in low-power applications. The powerful IAR C/C++ compiler contributes to keeping the power consumption down by generating code very tightly fitted to the RL78 CPU core. For example, the compiler makes full use of the new hardware multiplier/divider for faster arithmetic. This makes the execution run faster and allows the microcontroller to enter one of its low-power modes after fewer clock cycles. Together with intelligent linking, the compiler provides unrivalled software performance.

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