IAR Systems address growing user community with Eclipse integration

by donpedro

IAR Systems announced that its compiler and debugger technology has been integrated to the open source Eclipse IDE platform. The integration addresses a large and growing part of the embedded developer community that prefers the Eclipse IDE because of the expanded ecosystem and extensible frameworks it offers. Eclipse offers the possibility to streamline development processes by standardizing on a single IDE for many different kinds of tools. Without the need to learn new tools, project efficiency is increased. IAR Systems adds to this technology by integrating its leading technology for building and debugging software for embedded systems.
While the proprietary IAR Embedded Workbench IDE is tailored specifically for developing embedded system software, offering unique features and user-friendliness, the Eclipse version of the tools provides greater flexibility through its interoperability with the larger ecosystem. IAR Systems recognizes the need for both development platforms and leaves the customer to choose the best environment to suit their needs and the requirements of the project. The Eclipse integration consists of a plug-in to Eclipse CDT, extending the IDE capabilities by providing compiler and build tools as well as the full integration of IAR C-SPY Debugger, replacing the GDB based debugger interface that is standard within Eclipse CDT.

IAR Systems

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