Hirose Electric Adds a 16pos. Waterproof Receptacle to Our Lineup of Type-C Connectors, the CX Series. – CX90BW-16P: Top-Mount, IPX4 Waterproof –

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CX90BW-16P – (IPX4 Waterproof, Top-Mount Type)

Hirose Electric has developed a new addition to the CX Series of Type-C connectors, CX90BW-16P, a 16pos. top-mount receptacle supporting IPX4. Following the release of the 16pos., mid-mount and IPX8 performance CX90W6-16P in December 2021, the CX90BW-16P further strengthens Hirose’s lineup of waterproof, 16pos. Type-C connectors.

Developing Type-C Receptacles to Meet Diversified Needs

The USB Type-C connector, with a rotationally symmetrical design that can be inserted without worrying about contact direction, has become increasingly popular and is used in a variety of applications such as smartphones and tablets. As a result, specification requirements, including waterproof performance, durability and demands for 16 pin variations, are diversifying.

CX90MW6-16P – (IPX8 Waterproof, Mid-Mount Type)

To meet these needs, Hirose has developed two types of Type-C receptacles. The CX90BW-16P is a top-mount receptacle; a connector soldered to the top side of the PCB. With a waterproof level of IPX4, it can be used safely even in environments with exposure to water splashing.
The CX90MW6-16P is a mid-mount type that is fit in a hole cut in the board. Since it does not take up space for mounting, it contributes to height reduction of equipment. In addition, the unique design of the internal parts enable high PCB retention force. Retention force can be further enhanced by screwing the connector to the board after mounting using the screw holes in the shell. The high IPX8 waterproof performance provides resistance to environmental elements.
Both the CX90BW-16P and the CX90MW6-16P have a high heat resistance of 105°C and have a high current capacity of 6A for quick charging.

Features of Waterproof USB Type-C Receptacles CX90BW-16P and CX90MW6-16P

  1. USB Type-C compliant interface connector
    – Reversible plug orientation ensures easy insertion
  2. Clear tactile click* due to superior lock design (*When using 2 HRS products)
CX90BW-16P CX90MW6-16P
Board Mounting Style Top-Mount Mid-Mount
No. of Pos. 16 pos. 16pos.
Waterproof IPX4 IPX8
Heat Resistance 105℃ 105℃
Quick Charging ✓(6A) ✓(6A)
Transmission Rate USB2.0 (480Mbps) USB2.0 (480Mbps)


Future Product Development

Both the newly released CX90BW-16P and the CX90MW6-16P released in December 2021 can be used in a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets and wireless earbuds. Hirose will continue to respond to diversifying connectivity needs and contribute to the transformation of devices.

Key features

  • Number of contacts: 10
  • Current rating: 1.5A if all used / 3A if only 4 pins used (1, 2, 6, 7)
  • Voltage rating: 50V AC /60V DC
  • Withstand voltage: No flashover or breakdown / Voltage of 2250V DC applied for 1 minute
  • Mating cycles: 5,000
  • Insertion/Extraction Force: 25N
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Suitable applications are factory automation controllers, servo amplifiers, industrial robotics, servers, programmable logic controllers, security systems and many more.

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