Highly integrated EOL Programmable Hall Sensor supports Direct Connection into Automotive/ Industrial Designs without need for PCB or discrete components

by donpedro

Melexis extends its portfolio of robust factory-programmed Hall effect sensors for use in automotive, industrial and other harsh environments with the introduction of a new

device at a very cost effective price point. The MLX90290 is a monolithically integrated magnetic sensor IC, with amplifier, analog output and internal compensation circuits all incorporated. It converts magnetic flux into an analog output and guarantees the critical functional parameters (such as sensitivity, offset and their respective thermal drift characteristics) to absolute levels, thus simplifying integration processes by removing the need for end-of-line calibration. This means that design engineers can confidently deliver cutting-edge position sensing solutions without extra end-of-line testing and validation, which can prove laborious and time consuming. They can simply buy off-the-shelf versions of the MLX90290 capable of satisfying their sensor requirements. Standard versions of the MLX90290 when combined with microcontroller units allow fast and accurate rotary, linear or motor commutation applications to be realized. It also be applied to sense DC and AC current when combined with a ferrite toroid core.


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