High-accuracy PXI/PCI precision programmable resistor modules from Pickering Interfaces offer long life and high speed

by donpedro

Pickering Interfaces, a leading provider of modular signal switching and simulation products for electronic test and verification, today launched two new families of high density, high accuracy, precision programmable resistor modules in modular PXI and PCI formats for easy system integration.

The 40-298 (PXI) and 50-298 (PCI) cards are each available in 50 standard configurations, offering a huge choice of resistor channel count, resistance range and resistance setting resolution for a wide variety of functional test system applications. These two programmable families feature Pickering Interfaces reed relays which offer resistance settings up to 10 times faster than other precision resistance modules that use EMR (Electro-Mechanical Relays). In addition, the 40-298 and 50-298 have a module life that is several orders of magnitude longer than similar products.

The new modules target any application that requires the simulation of resistive sensors or any other resistive component, such as Engine Control Unit (ECU) production for the automotive, defense and aerospace markets where the sensors provide information on parameters such as temperature and altitude. Channels can be set as short or open circuit to simulate a wiring or sensor fault. Both module families are available with up to 18 channels in and single slot and resistance values from 2 to 22MΩ with resistance resolution to 0.125Ω, accurate to ±0.2% ± resolution.

Comments Paul Bovingdon, Simulation Product Manager: “The new precision programmable resistor cards are fitted with Pickering’s instrumentation-grade reed relays for superior speed of operation and module life. Software control is simplified by the use of resistor value calls. The card works out the channel setting closest to the requested value and sets that value. The user can interrogate the card to find the actual resistance setting used. An optional cable that connects to a DMM simplifies the checking of the card’s calibration.”

The 40-298 (PXI) and 50-298 (PCI) modules are compatible with a wide range of chassis including PXI, PXIe Hybrid and Pickering USB/LXI chassis for flexible system integration. Pickering Interfaces stands behind all of its manufactured products with a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support. Pricing and availability information is supplied on their website at www.pickeringtest.com.

Pickering Interfaces | www.pickeringtest.com

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