Serial-to-Ethernet Integration made easy with new Moxa industrial-grade device servers

by donpedro

Amplicon, the UK premier distributor for Moxa products has introduced the NPort IA5000A, a series of extremely user-friendly device servers capable of offering maximum safety and reliability in the most demanding industrial applications.

The Moxa NPort IA5000A series has been designed for connecting serial devices such as PLCs, sensors, meters, motors, drives, barcode readers, and operator displays to modern SCADA networks in a simple and reliable manner.

To ensure resilience to electrical interference, dust, harsh temperatures and hazardous substances, the Moxa NPort IA5000A series utilises rugged metal housing with IP30 rated protection, screw connectors and full surge protection across Ethernet, serial and power interfaces making it ideal for oil and gas, manufacturing or power automation applications.

These units offer two power inputs that can be simultaneously connected to live DC power ports; redundant power inputs help ensure uninterrupted operation of device servers ensuring zero down time operation for instances where one power feed is compromised.

In addition, to alert engineers when the network is down, the built-in relay output can be used when power failure occurs or when there is a change in the DCD or DSR serial signals. When an abnormality is detected, an email warning can also be issued. These functions are valuable tools that enable maintenance engineers to react promptly during emergencies.

Andy Pook, Product specialist at Amplicon commented: “The NPort IA5000A series expands the already wide selection of NPort device servers, and as an industry standard in terms of reliability and ease-of-use, users will find the device servers right for almost any industrial application, as well as enjoy the convenience of using the world’s first industrial device server with serial/Ethernet/power surge protection.”

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