From smart cities to personal well-being, explore the latest electronic solutions from Murata at CEATEC 2023

by gabi

Murata will be showcasing its latest electronics innovations for applications as diverse as environment, smart cities, and personal well-being at CEATEC 2023.

Murata focuses on developing electronic devices and technologies that help to address global societal and environmental issues, such as climate change, energy security, and decarbonization. At CEATEC 2023, Murata will showcase the latest products for environmental monitoring and renewable energy applications.

Murata also has vast expertise in health and well-being applications. The company’s small, high-quality electronic components and unique technologies enable advancements in medical technology, disease prevention, and personal health monitoring devices. Regular demonstrations of the latest innovations aimed at prioritizing safety, efficiency, and convenience in medical device applications will be held throughout the exhibition.

Murata is also addressing the challenges emerging in an increasingly digital world. The company has developed electronic components and technologies that facilitate the use of big data and AI and add value to applications ranging from telecommunications (5G and beyond) to autonomous driving. Unique devices and solutions that are essential for further accelerating smart cities initiatives will be demonstrated live in Booth K003.

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