Freescale expands system power management portfolio to support portable Internet of Things devices and systems

by donpedro

Freescale Semiconductor introduced an analog dual-path battery charger for wearable and portable Internet of Things (IoT)

devices. The single-cell, Li-Ion and Li-Polymer BC3770 charger is fully programmable, features a small form factor and supports fast charging for portable embedded systems like those based on Freescale’s popular i.MX applications processors and Kinetis microcontroller (MCU) products.
The new BC3770 addresses market demand for rapid charging, long battery life and uninterrupted portable operation, while incorporating features that help OEMs and system designers avoid device overcharge and overheating. The BC3770 charger and boost regulator circuits switch at 1.5 MHz to minimize the size of external passive components, thus improving efficiency, saving space and reducing cost. In addition, the product’s charging parameters and operating modes are fully programmable over an I²C interface that operates up to 400 kHz, allowing for highly optimized
Freescale’s new battery charger features a 20V tolerant single input, and charges the battery with a current up to 2.0A, supporting simultaneous charging and application use. To help streamline system development, a BC3770 Freescale Freedom board is available featuring a Kinetis KL25Z microcontroller with example interface software and GUI.

Additional features include:
• Dual -path output powers system while charging the battery
• 25-bump 2.27mm×2.17mm wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP)
• 900mA boost mode charging for USB OTG
• Supports single cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries
• High-efficiency synchronous switching regulator
• 1.5 MHz switching frequency
• Programmable interface to monitor different charging modes

Freescale Semiconductor

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