FreeRTOS Enables Creation of Low-Cost, Low-Power Home Network Remote Access Appliance from Nabto

by donpedro

The Nabto-box, a new Indiegogo project, uses FreeRTOS and the same peer-to-peer technology as Skype to enable all the gadgets on your home network to become

part of a secure Internet of Things (IoT). Designed to offer a simple solution for all consumers, unlike other devices it does not use a dynamic IP service, does not require you to pay a subscription, and does not require any cumbersome firewall or router port configuration. Users simply plug the Nabto-box into your home router to access, view the status of, control and stream data from their networked devices such as thermostats, alarm-systems, surveillance cameras, lawn irrigation systems and alarm systems, even when the devices don’t include a remote connection option.

• Crowd funded project hosted on Indiegogo
• FreeRTOS enables self-contained VPN in a box running on a small, low-cost MCU
• Small, low cost and self-contained hardware running FreeRTOS+Nabto
• Securely access and control all your home network gadgets from anywhere
• No configuration necessary – simply connect to your home router

By using the light-weight, reliable open-source FreeRTOS real time operating system, Nabto has created a low-cost, low-power consumer product that offers a wide range of capabilities. FreeRTOS enables the box to run software that performs several advanced networking functions, including:
• Servicing an IP-stack with communication originating from both the local network and the internet, and securely passing packets between the two.
• Periodically contacting the cloud hosted base station, which is responsible for initiating peer to peer connections
• Ensuring all communication is encrypted

The Nabto box is an Indiegogo crowd funded project. Find out more and get involved at


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