Four Detectors at a Time

by donpedro

LASER COMPONENTS now offers an additional extension to SiTek’s successful SEEPOS signal processing system. With the new switch, up to four position sensitive detectors (PSDs) can be connected. It is up to the operator to decide which detector is to be evaluated. The robust, user-friendly design with a multideck rotary switch and D-SUB9 connectors makes the switch particularly attractive for use in laboratories.

With SEEPOS, SiTek offers a versatile and easy-to-use tool for processing PSD signals. The software gives the user access to all important parameters such as PSD bias voltage, amplification factor, and the use of analog and digital filters. The data collected by the PSD electronics is transferred to digital signal processing via high-speed USB data transfer. The position of the light spot is continuously displayed both two-dimensionally along the X and Y axes and one-dimensionally along the X or Y axis. The result is a powerful system for measuring distances, heights, positions, movements, and vibrations.

Further product information: PSD Modules and Evaluation Electronics
Manufacturer: SiTek Electro Optics AB


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