Fastrax IT530 GPS module available from Rutronik now

by donpedro

Rutronik distributes the new Fastrax IT530 GPS module featuring decreased power drain and reduced time to first fix in portable, battery-operated devices. The Fastrax IT530 is an ultra-low power consuming and super-sensitive OEM GPS module in a tiny form factor. Made available through distributor Rutronik, the device solves a critically important issue in location-aware, battery-powered consumer products: ensuring a very fast time to first fix (TTFF) without sacrificing battery life. Its sensitivity of -149dBm in acquisition, -165dBm in navigation and power consumption of just 35mW at 3.3V are ideally suited to battery-operated devices. Measuring 9.6 × 9.6 × 1.85mm and weighing 0.4g, the module has an identical footprint as the popular Fastrax IT430.
The new power-saving mode AlwaysLocate™ prolongs battery life by controlling receiver power modes and maintaining location information. Depending on the environment and motion, the module adaptively adjusts its na­vigation activity to balance positioning accuracy, fix rate and power consumption. The Embedded Assist System (EASY™) reduces warm-start TTFF by up to 90% with assisting ephemeris data stored internally for up to three days. Additionally, the server-assisted EPO™ file transfer extends the external A-GPS ser­vice to a maximum of 14 days.


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