Farnell signs Gateworks to provide rugged, industrial single board computers

Gateworks products offer users low field failure rates, increased up-time and lower repair and maintenance costs.

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Farnell has reached a new distribution agreement with Gateworks to stock rugged, industrial specification single board computers. Gateworks’ single board computer (SBC) products benefit users by significantly contributing to a low system failure rate in the field. The devices are in stock and available to buy now from Farnell.

The Gateworks family of SBCs is an important addition to Farnell’s portfolio as Gateworks products are ideal for use in rugged conditions. Designed from the ground up with components that can withstand shock, vibration, electrostatic discharge and transient voltages in harsh and high temperature environments, Gateworks ensures delivery of high reliability devices.

IoT engineers use Gateworks SBC with user-selectable wireless radio to create swift and easy custom Internet of Things (IoT) or Edge Gateway.

The products provide useful system diagnostic capabilities such as critical voltage rail and board temperature monitoring circuitry. Another benefit is an external watchdog timer that can hard power cycle the board in the event that its application software becomes unresponsive.

Farnell’s initial product portfolio of the ‘Venice’ range of industrial SBCs include a 64-bit ARM CPU, Mini-PCIe slots, multiple Ethernet and an industrial temperature rating from -40 to +85C⁰. Multiple Mini-PCIe slots offer extreme flexibility and allow for a wide variety of wireless options, including WiFi6 / 6E, Sub-1GHz 802.11AH HaLow, 5G cellular, BLE Bluetooth, Iridium Satellite and 802.11 (A/B/G/N/AC/AX)

All Venice SBCs feature: 
  • NXP i.MX8M Mini Cortex-A53 64-bit ARM 1.6GHz Quad Core Processor with DDR4 DRAM
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with coin cell battery
  • Voltage & Temperature Monitor
  • Wide Range DC Input Voltage of 8V to 60V
  • Linux software support of for Ubuntu & Buildroot
  • Low power draw of 3 to 8 Watts
  • Fan speed control

A selection of products from the Venice family now available for fast delivery from Farnell include:

Venice GW7200 Single Board Computer7th generation Venice family of single board computers targeted for rugged and industrial embedded applications. A 70x100mm i.MX8M mini-SBC with 2 Mini-PCIe Slots, two GbE Ethernet, PoE, GPS and MIPI-CSI & MIPI-DSI and the 64-bit NXP™ i.MX8M Mini Quad Core ARM® Cortex™ A53 SoC processor operating at 1.6GHz. 1GBytes of LPDDR4 DRAM, and 8GBytes of eMMC System Flash are standard along with a very wide range of expansion, I/O and power options.

Venice GW7400 Single Board ComputerIncludes the capabilities of the GW7200 but its i.MX8M Plus SoC also features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) operating at up to 2.3 TOPS; a Video Processing Unit (VPU) supporting up to 1080p60; a GC7000UL Graphics Processing Unit (GPU); and a Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi 4 DSP. Six total Gigabit Ethernet ports offer 1x WAN and 5x switched LAN wired connectivity. A wide range of expansion and digital I/O, analogue Input, audio, video input/output and further expansion options are available.

Gateworks also offers many accessories and adapter boards to make system integration easier, such as:

GW16141 adaptor cardA Mini-PCIe to M.2 adapter designed to allow support of M.2 cellular modems on Gateworks single board computers. Embedded cellular modems are available in many form factors, including Mini-PCIe and M.2. These adapters allow M.2 B-Key cellular modem cards to be plugged into a Mini-PCIe slot on a Gateworks SBC. The adapters come in different variants for different types of signalling. The GW16141 is used for higher bandwidth modems that require USB 3.0 signalling.

  • Supports M.2 sizes: 1630, 2230, 3030 2242, 3042, 3050, 3052
  • Customized variations are also available to support other M.2 peripherals
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions are 30.0×66×6.2mm (1.18×2.59×0.24in)

Romain Soreau, Head of Single Board Computing at Farnell said, “Our new partnership with Gateworks enables us to offer a large selection of standard product models to meet the needs of Farnell customers’ most common applications for the growing industrial market. The Specials Program and Customs Program offered by them provide key flexibility and cost-optimized solutions to our customers.”

Gateworks Corporation is the leading supplier of high performance and low power ARM based configurable Single Board Computers for transmitting and receiving video, audio and data in embedded wireless and wired network systems. Gateworks specialises in providing customers the fastest time to market with the lowest design risk and design cost.

 Gateworks range of rugged SBCs are available from stock at Farnell in EMEA, Newark in North America and element14 in APAC.


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