Eutect takes part in Global Industrie 2023 in Lyon for the first time

Together with its partner company TAKTOMAT Kurvengesteuerte Antriebssysteme GmbH, the German specialist for selective soldering in the electronics industry is taking part in Global Industrie, France's leading trade fair for developments and solutions for modern mobility. At the four-day trade fair, Eutect will present soldering modules and innovative solutions that are already widely used in vehicle development and production.

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IW1 mini wave soldering module with laser height detection

“The Global Industrie trade fair has distinguished itself in recent years by presenting innovations that have led to increased efficiency in manufacturing. This year, however, the main focus is on finding solutions to the current issues surrounding the topic of solutions for sustainable manufacturing in a complex international situation. For this reason, we have decided to participate in a trade fair in France for the first time”, explains Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director of Eutect GmbH. The Global Industrie will take place from 07 to 10 March in Lyon. Fehrenbach and his team will be exhibiting solutions from the field of miniwave and laser soldering at the joint stand. “Our soldering processes are used by companies worldwide in a wide range of manufacturing processes, whether in modern battery production for e-mobility applications or in the production of Key less-Go, Park Distance or Smart light products in vehicles. Our machine concepts are also used in the household goods, industrial automation, aerospace and control technology sectors as well as in the energy sector for the production of reliable electronics,” Fehrenbach continues.

The selective solder wave presented at Global Industrie guarantees a soldering process free of oxides and residues with the protective gas atmosphere. The solder wave, which is continuously pumped by an induction pump, transfers the heat from the molten solder homogeneously to the solder joint geometry. The flowing solder wave cleans the solder joint from excess flux residues, oxides and contamination. The second soldering process presented is laser soldering. This enables a fast and contactless energy input. Since 2008, Eutect has been offering its customers the world’s only 100% closed-loop laser soldering technology. Closed loop means that the process is not only controlled, it reacts and adapts to the different soldering tasks, geometries and surfaces through the unique Eutect control technology. With the help of an integrated pyrometer, it is possible to control the laser power via the process surface temperature. In this way, solder wires, solder pastes, solder rings, preforms and other joining materials can be processed. Various optics and galvo scanner techniques enable the processing of a wide range of geometries.

SWF LL S151 inline laser soldering system with AOI

In addition to mini wave and laser soldering, Eutect offers a wide range of modules for assembly and joining technology. For more than 15 years, the digital EUTECT modular system has presented the entire range of modules that make up the machine solutions for selective soldering processes. Ultimately, the customer’s task determines the choice of the optimum connection, automation or software module.

“Based on the task at hand, we select the modules that are optimal in terms of process technology and economy in order to combine proven stand-alone, rotary transfer or inline production concepts into complete solutions. In addition, we have increasingly developed and optimised modules in recent years in order to reduce consumption data with regard to electricity, compressed air, nitrogen or other consumables. At the same time, we have minimised maintenance and service costs in order to achieve further cost reductions for our customers. We are convinced that this is the only way industrial production can remain competitive in the international market,” Fehrenbach explains.

Eutect GmbH will be exhibiting at Global Industrie on booth 1G20.



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