Ericsson’s 100W 1/4 Brick DC/DC Converter shortens time to market for power radio applications

by donpedro

Reducing cost and improving efficiency, the topology used in Ericsson Power Modules’ PKM4116ND quarter brick DC/DC converter has been highly optimized to lower the number of components while simultaneously reducing power losses. Enabling systems designers to shorten time-to-market, the PKM4116ND is an industry standard quarter-brick product and is 100% pin-to-pin compatible with similar products available to the market. The PKM4116ND is primarily designed to power radio-applications and is optimized for the new generation of micro cell transmitters requiring a 100W po­wer module with the fle­xi­bility to adjust its output vol­­tage within the range 23.8V to 32.8V. The main application area addressed by the PKM416ND is in RFPA (radio frequency power amplifier) and other applications requiring isolation from the 48V system bus voltage, and offering a stable output voltage in a range of 24 to 30V. This product is also suitable for small systems remote feeding power architectures such as in-door Wi-Fi transmitters.

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