GSM module

by donpedro

“SIMLITE” GSM Expander can work under any mobile network. The module is adopted to DIN rail mounting. The GSM Expander is fitted with five input lines (including two parameterised 2k2) which offer a variety of configuration options: NO/NC GND, VC+, counting inputs with pulse resetting, three relay outputs (with embedded I-O logic) 10A/230V, single OC-type output. The input lines can be controlled by telephone ringing signal and access code protected SMS. The module has also additional input for connecting a voice synthesiser or external microphone. Temperature measurement and thermostat functions are realized with use of CT-2 sensors (max. 2 pcs) with -55C° to + 120C° measurement range. Five users with different access rights can be assigned to the single module. The module design enables parameter change and SIM card management. SIM card is inserted in user’s cell phone module. The device parameters are programmable via PC. Possible applications are: control systems power supply monitoring, data or other media transmission devices operation monitoring, monitoring, measurement and regulation of the temperature, simple alarm systems for buildings or vehicles. The device can be used in applications, where high degree of protection and control together with smooth and easy operation is required. PC.EXPANDER GSM “SIMLITE” due to its simple compact and well-thought-out design is ideal solution in applications where installation of complex telemetry modules have no reasonable technological or economical grounds.
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