Emil Otto introduces transport-efficient, reduced-volume flux concentrates

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Cost reduction and cost-effectiveness are general objectives of entrepreneurial activity. As EMS service providers and OEMs are in global competition, these objectives also play an increasingly important role in electronics production for the consumer goods industry. That’s why Emil Otto GmbH further developed a portion of its fluxes into granulate-based concentrates.

“Our new flux concentrates are particularly interesting for customers who take delivery of large quantities or produce abroad“, explains Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales manager at Emil Otto GmbH.

This is because all of the granulates from Emil Otto can be transported with severely reduced volume and without hazardous-substance identification. “A flux becomes a hazardous substance, for instance, if it contains alcohol, among other things. Our granulates are free of that. The customer mixes in the alcohol or alcohol-water mixture on site”, Geßner continues. Furthermore, the granulates can be packaged more simply and compactly thereby also reducing transport costs. The concentrates comprise fluxes for wave and selective soldering as well as for manual and dip soldering.

Transport optimization enables the flux concentrates to be very economically transported over great distances, since shippers incur far lower costs for non-hazardous goods. “Mixing fluxes on site is very simple. The necessary information concerning which liquid must be added to the concentrate in what dosage is enclosed with each granulate. The amounts of granulate suffice for 10 L or 20 L”, continues Geßner.

Not all of the fluxes from Emil Otto are obtainable as concentrate. This is partly attributable to the individual fluxes’ components. The A, B, and C variants of multifluxes EO-B-001, EO-B-002, and EO-B-007 are available as granulate. The A variant has a solids content of 1.8% to 2.2%, depending on the flux. This variant is intended mainly for use in full-nitrogen systems. Less flux is needed, since nitrogen impedes the reoxidation of base material and solder. Flux remnants are very minor.

Variant B contains the standard 3% solids concentration. It is usable in many areas with frequently changing requirements on the soldering process. Variation B can be safely worked with a broad spectrum both with wave and selective as well as repair soldering and dip tinning. Flux residues are minor and exhibit excellent cleaning behaviour. The C variation has a solids content of about 4% and is intended for special requirements. Its application must be specially clarified with the customer. Furthermore, EO-B-006 multiflux, which completely dispenses with rosin, is obtainable as concentrate. All of the obtainable granulate quantities in the multiflux series yield a 20 L quantity of liquid after mixture with alcohol.

In addition to the multifluxes, a hybrid flux is also offered as concentrate granulate. EO-Y-004, which has a 3.5% solids content, is likewise obtainable as concentrate. It was developed to be used for wave and selective solders and possesses a very broad application spectrum. The soldering properties are very good, particularly with rise-through and circuit-board wetting. The process window is very broad with great thermal stability. It thus represents the first flux from Emil Otto that is based to more than 90% on water and can be shipped as concentrate. The customer obtains a liquid quantity of about 10 L after mixing.

Emil Otto GmbH is presenting its flux concentrates to the professional public for the first time at productronica in Hall A4, Stand 420.


EMIL OTTO Flux- und Oberflächentechnik GmbH

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