ELMA packs maximum performance into 1U form factor

by donpedro

The trend towards downsizing on the embedded market does also work for 19“-systems: The only 1 U high system platform “blu!one” is currently the most sought-after product of the ELMA blu!-series of the Pforzheim system manufacturer ELMA Electronic.
The MicroTCA-dwarf blu!one, provided traditionally in a blue case like all ELMA MicroTCA-systems, offers highest performance in the smallest possible 19”-form factor. ELMA has brought full MCH-functionality including power management onto the backplane. The blu!one offers enough space for up to six single-module midsize, respectively three single-module full-size AMC boards. Thanks to doubled Gigabit Ethernet switching and intelligent data connections for PCI Express, Serial Rapid IO and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, the blu!one offers maximum flexibility and allows for a wide range of application possibilities. This potential is supported by a maximum performance of up to 360 Watts whose waste heat is kept in check by eight fans. These move 34 cubic meters of air per hour.
The blu!one flanks the 2 U high 19“-platform „blu!two” which launched the MicroTCA-horizontal system series in 2010. ELMA also offers the service to deliver the system as fully integrated version if requested.

ELMA Electronic

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