E-T-A`s circuit breaker/switch combination 3120-N offers the best protection against dust, moisture and other penetrating liquids

by donpedro

E-T-A offers the optimum solution for all machines or devices that are used in a humid and dirty environment and also require frequent cleaning. E-T-A`s new IP65 rated 3120-N circuit breaker switch with an integrated silicon seal (IP65) and with push-in mounting. Use the benefits related to the traditional PVC covers.

Product Features:
• On/Off switcher with integrated overcurrent protection
• With innovative accordion-style seal (IP65)
• International markings

• Medical equipment
• Machine & professional tools
• High end garden tools
• Construction Equipment

Customer`s benefit:
• Easy to actuate, even when the user is wearing glove
• Protection against dust, moisture and other penetrating liquids
• Cost-saving because of longer lifetime

Thermal or thermal-magnetic circuit breaker which also serves as ON/OFF switch for devices and machines.

Voltage ratings AC 240V, DC 50V
Current ratings 0.1A … 20A
Mounting  Fast snap-in mounting
Terminal design Blade terminals, screw terminals or push-in terminals

Product video
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCRoEqbFoE4

Bürklin Elektronik | https://www.buerklin.com

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