Digi-Key Wraps Up Summer Break with University Life Inspired Video Series

by donpedro

In order to pass the time during the summer break, Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, challenged two college engineering students – Grace and Noah – to film themselves working on six engineering projects. The result was the Another Geek Moment | Summer Break video series.

The projects center around transportation (bikes and longboards), medical (muscle sensing and pulse metering), and music (DJing and creating synthesized sounds). However, all of them have a distinct university student slant to the implementation and are all less than $75.

Grace and Noah each selected three projects that align well with their interests and that any university or college student with a passion for electronics can easily replicate.  Every project uses products available from Digi-Key with tutorials that can be found on the Maker.io website. The projects include:

  • Temperature Driven Bike Safety Light – featuring the Adafruit Circuit Playground and Arduino IDE
  • DJ Pizza Box Controller – featuring the Adafruit Circuit Playground, conductive paint, and a box from your favorite pizza joint
  • Pulse Room – featuring code based off the Pulse Sensor Amped’s Arduino sketch and various Adafruit products
  • Trinket NeoPixel LED Longboard – featuring Adafruit’s Trinket, PowerBoost, and NeoPixel LEDs
  • Muscle Sensor – featuring the SparkFun MyoWare™ Muscle Sensor
  • MintySynth Kit – featuring an Adafruit kit and an Altoids tin (or another mint-sized tin of your choice)

“Digi-Key has always been passionate towards enabling the next generation of engineers,” said David Sandys, Director of Technical and Strategic Marketing for Digi-Key. “By providing a stage, support, and necessary components, it was simply amazing to watch as these future innovators and problem solvers let their creativity fly.”

University students who are interested in participating in future installments should contact Digi-Key at support@maker.io.

To read what Grace and Noah thought about their summer break experience, visit the “Another Geek Moment – Summer Break Edition – Noah and Grace are Back to School!” blog post on TheCircuit ( https://www.digikey.com/en/blog?WT.mc_id=PressRelease ).

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