Deciso delivers new open source firewall alternative

by donpedro

By releasing the full potential of the AMD G-Series SOC for wire speed gigabit network security it is now possible to protect networks with affordable and turnkey

open source firewall appliances. The new OPNsense firewall appliances provide an easy-to-use yet powerful platform to users and developers. Its source code is open and verifiable for all.
The AMD G-Series SOC made it possible to design a product without bottlenecks that is stable, cost effective and durable. “At Deciso we are proud that the new network platform is fully designed and made in The Netherlands” said Jos Schellevis, chief technical officer and shareholder of Deciso. “The great co-operation with AMD Embedded Solutions has made this possible.”
The embedded low-power design eliminates high cooling requirements that current high performing server-like designs demand. A typical power usage of only 20W for the powerful quad-core version demonstrates this.
It is this combination of hardware and software that not only provides the required performance, but at the same time it spares your budget and saves the planet.
“As an innovator in embedded networking solutions, AMD is proud to collaborate with Deciso to offer a new open source firewall alternative,” said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD Embedded Solutions. “The AMD Embedded G-Series SOC enables Deciso to deliver an ultra-low power design for the new OPNsense firewall appliance, without comprising performance and stability.”
The large feature set of the OPNsense firewall software includes several high end features like load balancing, high availability and captive portal, all without licensing costs. This feature set and the powerful hardware foundation makes the product a viable alternative for many expensive proprietary solutions.



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