Crystek introduces new line of Low Pass Filters

by donpedro

Crystek has introduced a new line of Low Pass Filters, the CLPFL Series. Encased in a rugged SMA housing, this filter line is designed for test equipment and general lab use. Five models, with frequency ranges from DC to 100 through 500MHz, compose the CLPFL line.
The Crystek CLPFL Low Pass Filter line has excellent out-of-band rejection, and features 7th Order Butterworth Response and 50ohm SMA connectors. All filters in the CLPFL family are rated at +36dBm (4Watts), with an operating temperature of -40°C to 85°C and storage temperature of -55°C to 100°C. Crystek CLPFL Series Low Pass Filters are available from Crystek’s stocking distributors.

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