Contrinex: C23 Full Inox series

by donpedro

The new, flat C23 is ideal for applications where space is scarce but long operating distances are still indispensable.

With this sensor’s all-metal housing, applications do not need to pull any punches. Shock and vibration can do no harm to this little problem solver, thanks to its Condet technology and stainless-steel housing.

Installation is very simple from the front of the device using the two drill holes.

Thanks to Contrinex ASIC technology, the new C23 is highly accurate and has an IO-Link interface.
This gives the customer various parameterization options, such as switching between NO and NC operation or programming an ON or OFF delay.

Your advantages:
Indestructible sensor
Factor 1 on steel and aluminum
Long operating distances

Typical applications:
Using a C23 flat head on a part holder checking the presence of the product to be worked on. There is no space underneath the tool to insert a cylindrical sensor and let the cable run down.
A C23 Flat Head used in a water supply system to check the position of a valve. The sensor can be totally flushed with water and there is no problem. In this case it was not possible to mount any other type of sensor and a very robust type was necessary.

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