Beck Automation equips machines with new HMI

by donpedro

Optimized, flexible operation of the machines was Beck Automation’s development objective with regard to the new HMI. The modern input system in upright format not only facilitates program selection at the machine, but also offers a portable solution for flexible access around the machines.

The new HMI consists of a robust industrial panel. “We redesigned the entire input interface to provide more space for status messages. In addition, all functions and input options have been provided with clear pictograms so that the operator can work intuitively,” explains Raphael Schor, CTO of Beck Automation AG. The main functions such as start, stop and reset can be triggered by means of separate buttons mounted on the HMI housing for easy operation. With previous input systems, the buttons were integrated into the HMI surface, which made direct, fast access impossible.

The new systems are always delivered with a permanently installed panel. As an alternative to a second identical panel on the other side of the machine, customers can now make an even more flexible selection. “The system can also be equipped and operated with a portable terminal, such as an I-Pad. This allows the user to walk around the machine while having full access to the machine’s functions,” Schor continues.

Beck Automation AG

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