Avoid supply chain disruption – with the right test system from Digitaltest!

by donpedro

The Eagle MTS 180 is the most economical solution for high volume production. It can be used for a high volume of electronic PCBs as well as for many different types of assemblies. With its 1.000 measurements per second, it is also one of the fastest test systems on the market.

The In-Circuit tester can test up to 3.456 pins and is equipped with a pneumatic press, which also enables the testing of mechanical fixtures. These fixtures can also be built cost-effectively by Digitaltest and can be designed for both double-sided and small pads. The production of expensive vacuum fixtures is therefore not necessary.

The Eagle MTS 180 test system and the mechanical fixtures are available at short term. Digitaltest is currently offering a special COVID-19-discount on this system, which makes it particularly attractive. For further information please contact sales@digitaltest.com

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