Auspicious EB22 palm switches

by donpedro

There is a new palm switch series in the Auspicious company offer, marked with the EB22 symbol. The Taiwan Auspicious company is known in our country first of all as a producer of high class panel switches and signal lamps used in industry and automatics. The EB22 series is a palm, self-acting return mushroom switch made of high quality materials and adjusted to be mounted in the 22mm diameter holes. Segment construction with bayonet and latch connections (drive, connector, NO/NC contacts set) enables building it up with additional connection elements. The presented control buttons are equipped with construction elements of high quality material and their external ring is metal plated. Due to this workmanship the producer ensures their switches to have long service life of 600 thousand of cycles and a high IP65 protection ratio. The presented switches are fitted for currents operation of 6A with 120V, and nominal voltage of insulation is 600V. The resistance of the presented switches’ pins does not exceed 50mΩ, and working operation range is from -20?C to +60?C which allows using them in difficult thermal conditions.

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