ASICs Make a Major Contribution to Safety

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SWINDON will be showcasing its automotive product range at Sensor + Test, Hall 12, Stand No 12-529.

As part of Schrader International, SWINDON has a long history in

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and you’ll be able to see for yourself SWINDON’s latest developments in this field on their stand. Automobile tyre pressure is critical to safety – a recent NHTSA study found that tyres under-inflated by more than 25% are three times more likely to be involved in an accident related to tyre problems. In addition, an under-inflated tyre increases fuel cost by up to 4% and reduces tyre life by 30% by comparison with correctly inflated tyres.
Driver safety is of paramount importance and ASICs are now core to motorist aids, monitoring variables such as coolant and oil levels, vehicle speed, light outages and crank and throttle positions. By giving real time accurate information SWINDON ASICs are a major contributor to safety, enabling the driver to be fully aware of all aspects of the vehicle’s performance.
But it’s not just the automotive sector that can improve safety with SWINDON ASICs. Industrial control applications where safety critical (IEC 61508) standards are required, is very much part of the SWINDON portfolio. These ASICs operate in the most challenging of environments and along with offering a high level of reliability, the performance and flexibility of the devices offer our customers an unprecedented market advantage. With the ability to have embedded processors alongside the advanced analogue circuitry, SWINDON’s mixed signal ASICs are proving a market leading cost effective solution across a variety of industries. They are used in such diverse applications as monitoring vital signs in healthcare, optimising process operating conditions in real time and controlling precision manufacturing plant. In fact any application that requires sensor interfaces with the additional safety and security that only ASICs can bring.

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