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With the SIM cards from wherever SIM GmbH, ICP Deutschland offers the perfect SIM for the LTE mobile router series UR3x, UR5x and UR7x. By using the SIM solution from the Hamburg-based company in ICP’s router series, customers benefit from numerous advantages:

Thanks to the cards, the routers can dial into more than 480 mobile phone networks worldwide – automatically always into the strongest network at the respective location. This minimizes the risk of connection failures. In addition, the ICP routers can move within a country and across national borders at no extra cost thanks to unlimited national and international roaming. With wherever SIM as the sole contractual partner for all networks, the administrative effort for users is significantly reduced. This is further supported by the intuitive and customer-friendly online portal, which allows all SIM cards to be easily managed. Alternatively, the administration can also be carried out via API interface.

The data consumption of the SIM cards is billed at a fair 1 KB rate, whereby the data consumption of all SIM cards can be combined within a common pool. This means that the data consumption does not have to be determined in advance for each SIM card. Nevertheless, an individual consumption limit can be set for each SIM card via the customer portal if required.

Another feature of wherever SIM is the remote access to the routers via static IP addresses, which can be reached securely via an OpenVPN tunnel to the VPN gateway from wherever SIM. The SIM cards can be purchased from a minimum quantity of 25 pieces and can be cancelled monthly. Costs are only incurred for activated SIM cards.

Free test cards with a free data volume of 500 MB during the entire test phase are available from ICP Deutschland for the above mentioned UR router series.



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