Altus Recommends Advanced Vapour Phase Soldering to Increase Manufacturers’ Production Capacity

by gabi

Having worked with Altus Group for several years, Axiom Manufacturing Services consulted with the equipment distributor and invested in a cutting-edge vapour phase soldering system from ASSCON.  ‘VP6000’ will increase production capacity and ensure highly flexible soldering of complex PCBA assemblies can be achieved to support the company’s wider customer base and broad range of applications.

ASSCON VP6000 is the ideal process for modern soldering technology.  Electronic assemblies can be soldered faultlessly in each configuration, with flexible and adjustable temperature gradients to ensure each product receives the optimal, reproducible temperature profile.

Rob Taylor, Operations Manager at Axiom said: “I am delighted that we will soon have the ASSCON VP6000 on site and are bringing in a brand-new process to support our customers. This will mean that we have yet another capability to meet production needs allowing us to compete strongly with other electronics manufacturing services going forward. We are seeing many more complicated and component dense applications coming through with a large focus on voiding percentages. The VP6000, which is considered the best batch vapour phase unit available today, will support us in meeting all of those needs.’’

VP6000 is capable of working on any design and size assembly, proficiently manufacturing small and large production quantities using workpiece carriers. With the patented Multi Vacuum technology, voids in solder joints are reduced, with <1%  void rate achievable. Particularly when using lead-free solders, the wetting properties decrease, and the solder joints exhibit increased voids and entrapments. Through the use of the vacuum process, the developing inclusions are extracted before the solidification phase.

Joe Booth, Altus CEO, said: “Altus and Axiom have developed a lot of trust over time, and I am really pleased for us both on this project. Altus can support another process at their site, and Axiom has invested in a flagship, leading vapour phase system with vacuum providing them with a real competitive advantage. Axiom always has an eye to improve their offering and cement their market leading position. They can now offer even more value to their customers and future-proof their relationships.”

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