Altera and Eutecus Single-chip, FPGA-based Solutions “See” and Provide Intelligent Vision for Smart Cities

by donpedro

Altera Corporation and strategic IP partner Eutecus are announcing the availability of the ReCo™-Pro Multi-channel High Definition (HD) Video Analytics platform based on Eutecus MVE™

video and fusion analytics technology and Altera’s Cyclone® V SoC and Enpirion® PowerSoC devices.
Available from Eutecus, the ReCo™ platform has been chosen by Sensity Systems as the foundation for adding intelligent vision processing to its high-speed, Light Sensory Network (LSN), which is currently being installed in several US metropolitan areas. The Sensity open, multiservice NetSense platform enables industrial lighting owners and operators to reduce energy costs while offering advanced networked services for smart city applications, such as environmental and weather monitoring, parking management, retail analytics and enhanced public safety.
The integration of Eutecus’ intelligent video and sensor analytics implemented on Altera FPGAs within the Sensity NetSense platform extends the capabilities of the applications, enabling greater operational awareness, effectiveness, and security.
The ReCo™ product family with video and fusion analytics solutions from Eutecus is now available for customers to enable dual and quad channel HD video processing systems. The embedded MVE™ IP cores are available on both the Altera Cyclone IV FPGA-powered ReCo™-Duo and the Altera Cyclone V SoC-powered ReCo™-Pro platforms.
Both platforms are also supported by Altera’s Enpirion power solutions.



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