ADLINK Obtains ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certification

Poised to Expand Presence in the Autonomous Driving Market

by gabi

ADLINK (stock code: 6166), a global leader in edge computing solutions, announced that it has successfully obtained the ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certification. Through the implementation of this functional safety process, ADLINK has established a comprehensive and rigorous process standard, from product planning, development, design and production to identifying and evaluating potential safety risks, demonstrating ADLINK’s commitment to vehicle functional safety and reliability, which in turn increases consumer confidence in vehicles.

“In light of the increasing demand for functional safety systems in the automotive market, ISO 26262 is internationally recognized as the most advanced automotive safety standard to date, and has become the standard followed by automotive manufacturers and the automotive supply chain worldwide.” said Mr. Isaac Liu, Automotive Product Manager of Functional Safety & Cyber Security Service, SGS Taiwan.

ADLINK is a leader in developing solutions for autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit control, and has actively obtained ISO 26262 certification to comply with the highest level of functional safety, “ASIL-D”, in the product development process. This demonstrates ADLINK’s commitment to developing key components that meet the most stringent functional safety standards, providing customers with the highest-quality automotive solutions.

ADLINK has achieved a number of success stories in the self-driving market, including robo-taxis, autonomous shuttle buses and autonomous trucks with L3 and L4 vehicle autonomy. The self-driving system of an autonomous vehicle is generally comprised of three integrated systems: (1) perception ECU-sensor fusion, (2) main ECU-AI decision making, and (3) tracking system. The precise integration of these three systems enables the safe operation of autonomous vehicles on the road. A well-designed decision and control system for an autonomous vehicle should be able to effectively react to changes in the road environment around the vehicle to ensure that safety is always maintained. ADLINK provides professional and customized platform design services, including systems integration and thermal solution and advanced anti-vibration design to provide Asian and North American customers with a complete turnkey solution.

Mr. Jim Liu, Chairman& CEO of ADLINK, said: “ADLINK works closely with its strategic partners to provide customers with complete self-driving solutions and actively participates in Autoware Foundation (AWF) events to accelerate ‘autonomous driving for all.’ The company leverages its 26 years of experience in industrial computer design to in-vehicle applications that require careful and stringent design processes, empowering smarter and more automated vehicles on the road.”

In addition to its successful experience in the autonomous driving industry, ADLINK also offers a wide range of solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) clients, such as driver fatigue detection systems, which use sophisticated AI to determine the driver’s attention status and maintain safe driving on the road. Furthermore, smart cockpit solutions integrate navigation systems, music, video and social networking functions into the vehicle cabin to provide a richer digital experience for passengers.

2023 will be the year of autonomous driving for ADLINK, and the company will continue working closely with strategic partners to deliver a wide range of applications, from L1 to L4, for the global autonomous driving market.


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