Achieve true precision with the industry’s first zero-drift, zero-crossover operational amplifier

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OPA388_graphic_6Feb2017Continuing to set the standard for precision amplifiers, Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ:TXN) introduced the first operational amplifier (op amp) to offer both zero-drift and zero-crossover technology. The OPA388 op amp maintains high precision across the entire input range for a variety of industrial applications, including test and measurement, medical and safety equipment, and high-resolution data-acquisition systems.
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The unique architecture of the OPA388 produces an industry-leading combination of ultra-high input linearity and precision. TI’s zero-drift technology eliminates temperature drift and flicker noise to attain the highest DC precision and dynamic error correction, while its zero-crossover topology eliminates offset errors caused by common-mode limitations to achieve linear output and true rail-to-rail input operation.
TI offers a range of support tools for designers using the OPA388, including a reference design that demonstrates how to use the precision op amp to eliminate crossover nonlinearity in digital-to-analog converters. The reference design uses the DAC8830 precision data converter and REF5050 voltage reference, which combine to create an accurate DC calibration system for high-precision applications used in wireless infrastructure and test and measurement.

Key features and benefits of the OPA388 op amp
• Delivers true precision with ultra-high input linearity
• Provides high DC precision
• Supports wide-bandwidth operation
• Maintains low distortion for high performance
• Reduces complexity and cost

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