Accordion Design as an Ingenious Detail

by donpedro

WR-FFC 1.00 mm Folding Flat Flexible Cable — Image source: Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik is expanding its already extensive range of flexible cables. Under the product name WR-FFC (Flat Flexible Cable), the manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components offers flexible flat ribbon cables in various designs. To allow even more flexibility in use, Würth Elektronik now offers pre-folded ribbon cables. Accordion-style folding means the cables take up less space—an ingenious detail that allows flexible use of the cables for different distances, thus simplifying storage in development and production.

“WR-FFC Folded” is available in 0.5- and 1-mm pitches, each in three variable lengths: 120 to 200 mm, 165 to 350 mm and 280 to 500 mm. You can choose between FFC Type 1 with the contacts on the same side, and FFC Type 2 with the contacts on the opposite sides. There are 20- to 50-pin versions available in 0.5 mm pitch, and 10- to 30-pin versions in 1 mm pitch. Würth Elektronik’s ribbon cable portfolio is complemented by a large selection of straight and right-angled plugs and receptacles in ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) and LIF (Low Insertion Force) versions.

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