Zero License Fee and Zero Royalty with CML’s Marine AIS Class-B Demonstrator

by donpedro

CML Microcircuits, a leading innovator and provider of low-power semiconductors for global wireless and wireline communications markets, has developed a unique marine AIS (Automatic Identification System) Class B (IEC 62287) demonstrator package to address growing market requirements. The DE70321, developed by CML, is specifically targeted at speeding-up manufacturers’ design and development of AIS Class B transponders and AIS receiver products. The package, with the DE70321 demonstrator board, includes free essential items such as: PCB design files, layout schematics and BOM. Available in two builds, either as an auto­nomous Rx-only unit or a full transceiver that can be controlled using the PE0002 interface card and the available control scripting files. Manu­facturers can take the complete design and tweak it to their individual needs, while also benefiting from significantly reduced development time. CML’s technical support teams offer full support from early product selection, through design and into production processes. The demonstration board is based on CML’s successful CMX7032 and CMX7042 AIS processor ICs already being used by leading manufacturers in marine safety communication equipments worldwide. Advantages such as zero license fee and zero royalty once the design is completed create an attractive package that manufacturers can apply to their unique spe­cification. Despite the huge safety benefits of the AIS system, the comparatively high costs involved with the original Class A devices had previously been a barrier to introducing the technology to lei­sure craft and smaller commercial vessels.

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