Win a Microchip BM64 Bluetooth Audio Evaluation Board

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Win a Microchip BM64 Bluetooth Audio Evaluation Board (BM-64-EVB-C2) from Electronica Azi International.
This board enables easy development with Microchip’s new IS206X of SoC devices and modules which offer Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability. Uniquely engineered for speakers, headsets and gaming headphones, the IS206X flash-based platform offers flexibility and powerful design features, allowing audio manufacturers to easily incorporate wireless connectivity in streaming music and voice command applications.
The BM64 Bluetooth Audio Evaluation enables the user to evaluate and demonstrate the functionality of the BM64 Class 2 stereo audio module. The BM-64-EVB-C2 includes an integrated configuration and programming interface for plug-and-play capability, and also has status LEDs which enable rapid prototyping and faster time to market.
Along with the BM-64-EVB-C2, software tools and applications are provided to demonstrate the Bluetooth connections to the on-board BM64 stereo audio module and to optionally configure or program it. Microchip’s highly-integrated module solutions are self-contained, low-power, and fully-certified for designers seeking to develop wearable or IoT devices without any Bluetooth Low Energy IP Stack or RF experience.
The BM64 EVB has two USB ports that can be connected to the host PC using a micro-USB cable. Other BM64 Bluetooth Audio Evaluation Board features include:

Based on the fully-certified Bluetooth 4.2 BM64 Class 2 stereo audio module
Powered by a PC host using the micro-USB cable or by connecting a Li-Ion battery
Built-in 3W Class-D stereo audio amplifier
Built-in Near Field Communication (NFC)
Stereo audio output for high-quality audio
Easy access to I/O pins
Connection and data status LEDs

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