Water-based stencil cleaning agent for thermally conductive compounds

by donpedro

Stencil cleaning agent for thermally conductive compounds – VIGON® TC 150 — (Copyright ZESTRON Europe…a Business Division of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH)

ZESTRON Europe, the leading supplier of cleaning products, cleaning process solutions and analytical services in the electronics industry, is expanding its portfolio with the stencil cleaner VIGON® TC 150.

In addition to the typical stencil cleaning agents for removing solder pastes and adhesives, a water-based MPC® cleaner, which was developed especially for the removal of thermally conductive compounds from stencils and screens, is now included in the product range. It removes the most varied forms of thermally conductive compounds, e.g. silicone-based, silicone-free or even silver- and aluminum-containing residue-free.

In addition to thermally conductive compounds, the cleaning medium also removes silver sinter pastes and can also be used to remove uncured hydrophobic coatings from electronic boards. Since this is a water-based cleaning agent it is an ideal replacement for other common solvents.

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