Vishay Intertechnology IGBT Power Modules in Redesigned INT-A-PAK Package Reduce Conduction and Switching Losses

Built on Trench IGBT Technology, Half-Bridge Devices Offer Choice of Low VCE(ON) or Low Eoff for High-Current Inverter Stages

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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today introduced five new half-bridge IGBT power modules in the newly redesigned INT-A-PAK package. Built on Vishay’s Trench IGBT technology, the VS-GT100TS065S, VS-GT150TS065S, VS-GT200TS065S, VS-GT100TS065N, and VS-GT200TS065N offer designers a choice of two best in class technologies — low VCE(ON) or low Eoff — to lower conduction or switching losses in high current inverter stages for transportation, energy, and industrial applications.

The half-bridge devices released today combine Trench IGBTs — which deliver improved power savings versus other devices on the market — with Gen IV FRED Pt® anti-parallel diodes with ultra soft reverse recovery characteristics. Offering a new gate pin orientation, the modules’ compact INT-A-PAK package is now 100 % compatible with the 34 mm industry-standard package to offer a mechanical drop-in replacement.

The industrial-level devices will be used in power supply inverters for railway equipment; energy generation, distribution, and storage systems; welding equipment; motor drives; and robotics. To reduce conduction losses in output stages for TIG welding machines, the VS-GT100TS065S, VS-GT150TS065S, and VS-GT200TS065S offer an industry-low collector to emitter voltage of ≤ 1.07 V at +125 °C and rated current. For high frequency power applications, the VS-GT100TS065N and VS-GT200TS065N offer extremely low switching losses, with Eoff down to 1.0 mJ at +125 °C and rated current.

The RoHS-compliant modules feature 650 V collector to emitter voltages, continuous collector current from 100 A to 200 A, and very low junction to case thermal resistance. UL-approved file E78996, the devices can be directly mounted to heatsinks and offer low EMI to reduce snubbing requirements.

Key Specification Table:

Part # VCES IC VCE(ON) Eoff Speed Package
@ IC and +125 °C
VS-GT100TS065S 650 V 100 A 1.02 V 6.5 mJ DC to 1 kHz INT-A-PAK
VS-GT150TS065S 650 V 150 A 1.05 V 10.3 mJ DC to 1 kHz INT-A-PAK
VS-GT200TS065S 650 V 200 A 1.07 V 13.7 mJ DC to 1 kHz INT-A-PAK
VS-GT100TS065N 650 V 100 A 2.12 V 1.0 mJ 8 kHz to 30 kHz INT-A-PAK
VS-GT200TS065N 650 V 200 A 2.13 V 3.86 mJ 8 kHz to 30 kHz INT-A-PAK

Samples and production quantities of the new IGBT power modules are available now, with lead times of 15 weeks.

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